Thermal Power Production


We Install Thermal Plant Equipment and carry out the Assembly and Turnkey Delivery of Industrial Steam Boilers and Individual and Central Heating Boilers.

The Mimsan Group is active in the field of Thermal Energy. This energy can be hot water, the heat that circulates in radiators and the warmth that flows from a shower. Sometimes this energy is what operates factories or power plants.

Reducing energy costs is our strategy. We have systems that incinerate agricultural waste, poultry fertilizer, forestry wastes and even the low calorie coal in our country to achieve this strategy. Fluidized Bed Steam and Hot Oil Boilers, Biomass Boilers, Waste Heat Boilers, Cogeneration Facilities, Flat Radiators and Radiator Boilers are our main items of production.

Advanced technology and high quality are our priorities. The products we produce according to international standards like TSE, CE, EN and ASME are certified by reputable companies.

We have over 400 experienced and idealist personnel and we “Establish Warm Friendships” with over  200 vendors and service centers.


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