Thermal Power Production

Human Resources Policy

MIMSAN GROUP; prioritise working with people who are target oriented, shares company values and dreams, formative and open to global evolutions.By the awareness of investing on people, MIMSAN supports self and technical trainings of all employees; prepares suitable environment for employees to manifest their highest performance and improve understanding of responsibilities.

MIMSAN GROUP, with Human Resources Management, develops and applies systems to create a fair, systemetic, secure and motivating environment; values persistent relations between employees and gives necessary support to ex-empolyees to make their life easier. 

Guides and improves employees to suitable personal and Professional targets depending on their potentials. MIMSAN GROUP, with its social responsibility understangins, supports common operations, such as ISKUR projects and MIMSAN Career Days, to improve and educate the population of our country and to create new work areas, as well as it supports its own employees.

Hiring and Positioning :
MIMSAN GROUP companies value efficient, competent and innovative employee profiles. Therefore, all professional methos are apllied starting from hiring advertisements to hire the right employee.Canditates with suitable education and experience who applied for announced positions should be invited for interview. During assessment HR department evaluates the candidate with required technical tests and DISC Personality Test. With the approval of responsible department manager, an employment proposal will be sent to qualified canditates.

Orientation Process :
Every employees, depending on job descriptions and positions, should be oriented to initiatives and responsibilities of the position for 15 to 30 days.

Apprenticeship Training Possibilities:
Students who wants to have apprentice training can apply with filling out the form at the link. HR department sends acceptance emails to qualified students. Suitable environment for students to have their training according to plans prepared by the company should be prepared. At the end of the training, a CV bank should be prepared for potential future employment.

Performance Evaluation and Career Management:
Performance management systems are applied in every 6 months to determine every employees potential and targets related to company targets. With the performance evaluation system, employees need for training and and support required for improvement processes are determined.Career Management occurs with evaluating the results of both processes and determining and applying of planned career plans of employees. Supporting competent and qualified employees’ career plans and right positiong employees in the company are the key to Career Management.